Each Source Offers a Different Narcissist Supply

Yes, the Narcissist has a superior talent and ability to obtain resources. One should consider their expertise in this way of life. They need to have a source of narcissistic supply to survive. There is always more than one!

Narcissist have developed the tools needed to obtain from each and every victim what it is that they need. Their need for “Narcissistic Supply” is imperative when they need it!

You are NEVER the only one! There is ALWAYS another one waiting in the wings. They always have one in site or lined up. This New Supply is being prepared to fill in when you don’t and can’t. You very well are the other one for another now. That one thing or  need you may fill for the Narcissist… that one special thing that you have been chosen to fulfill in their life… is your purpose for them. You provide that narcissistic supply for which they require to survive.

Whatever it is that you offer falls into the never ending black pit of a person with this personality disorder. No matter the contribution that you make it will never fill their black hole.


Always have your eyes open! Know that there really is another that will fill those shoes. Another victim awaiting for your shoe to drop, so they can fill it! They too will think that they are special, that they are the “ONE”, but really there is no “ONE”, there are many!

There is no possible way that any one person can fulfill the needs of a Narcissist. The Narcissist requires many sources to satisfy their needs for attention, adoration with a variety of sex, intelligence, status and personal prosperity.

The only solace you may find is knowing this, the other is no different than you, just another victim to the same prey.

If you dare to be jealous or envious, don’t be! Once you see the story that you have lived from the outside, its sad, hurtful and it becomes hauntingly obvious how the cycles repeat. The same story, different Actors and Actresses.

The New Supply or another source of Narcissistic Supply will receive the same treatment and suffer the same cycle. It never fails!

Lost in Cognitive Dissonance with a Narcissist?

“Cognitive Dissonance”, knowing the right from wrong and still trying to justify the wrong to be right… even though it makes no sense, not even to yourself.


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