When Sparkles Rise

The final heartache left with those that have lost loved ones suffering. The sadness, the sorrow… The everlasting pain and fears of those that stand aside watching helplessly… today they bewail the loss of a life…

Last night I wrote this as the result of very sad finale of the past three years and the loss of a woman, that I didn’t really know, but yet knew very well… For her actions changed the courses of my life, despite…

For you CS, and those you have left behind…

When Sparkles Rise ~ Echo

We need not weep a loss… As it may dwell in a place within our heart that remains safe, for only we know and understand its message.

There will be no storm, night or pain that can or should be reached or birthed from such sorrow. Only these memories, thoughts and experiences can spare our emotions that sadden within our heart.

We need not look for what has passed or has risen toward the lights of heaven, for these souls now rejoice in spirit, purity and forgiveness, embraced in warmth and love.

We shall not suffer for a soul that has been met with grace, nor long for any unresolved feelings, truths or moments, for we already know in our heart the answers gifted, and they are gifts.

A presence of this may find direction in the journeys and paths that we each travel. Some crossings at times with others during brief encounters of our life lived that may alter these directions.

We need not trip upon, but step forward and over the boundaries of these lessons brought forth and use these memories as our strengths and guidance.

Allow only beauty and light to shine from those experiences that we have previously shadowed, and welcome this light that they bring, where kindness and compassion may grow. From these experiences we can move forward on our own personal journey.

Allow this music to ring, echoing the eternal tones where only unicorns may run free and rejoice because they have found peace and eternal serenity.

Have no sorrow, for as time passes we will find that these memories and thoughts will pass freely through our minds as small reminders of a time and place. They will bring upon us a faint smile with a comforting where only they can roam, as they have taken their small place in our hearts of their own. 🙏