Broken Paths

Broken Paths

I never thought that the soulful light that lives within me, could ever burn out. The light dims and my heart sparks, wounded and betrayed.  Broken heart, each piece slowly beats, until it doesn’t.  Airborne my spirit, as I feel a piece of me slip with every breath, fleeing from harm and sorrow. The tears that flood an inner soul that has been betrayed, after it gave all it had to give… to such one undeserving.

This flight of sincerity and passion has been traveled and abandoned for cynical needs.  The sick mind devours the purity of empathy.  The honest and sincere, walk a path of prey, stalked. How can one walk the earth in light, spreading only dark?

I once saw you as a mirror of me, but this is not the case.  Once swooned the kept emotions, now fear the path.


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